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      Gator Wood is a new name for us but the service is three generations old.


      The first Johnson to harvest wood from this property was Clifford after he purchased the farm in 1944. Clifford moved to the farm with his wife and two children.  His son, James, moved back to the farm and took over all farming operations in 1973 with his wife and their five children. In 2013 one of Clifford’s grandsons, Eric Johnson and his wife Annmarie, have taken over operations.


            This farm has been in the Johnson family for nearly seven decades!  Over the years many things have changed but one thing still remains the same, the respect and appreciation for nature and what the land has to offer.  By selective harvesting and maintaining low impact harvesting methods the Johnson’s are able to share the woods with nature and let the wildlife live a very peaceful and healthy existence.


      We look forward to working with you and ask that you let your friends and family know about the services we offer.  Without our loyal customers we would not be in business today.  From time to time challenges arise and we do our best to make every customer satisfied since we feel word of mouth advertising is the best and most rewarding.  If you have a testimonial letter for us to share with others browsing our website we would be honored to post it.


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